Ardent Rose
ardent rose


Kelsey Brons

Loveland, CO

Hi, I'm Kelsey!

I have always been in love with beauty, whether in art, people, or flowers. Growing up near the foothills of Northern Colorado, I had land to roam + explore, picking wildflowers for my mama + neighbors. I spent a summer in Boise working for a boutique flower shop that specialized in organic arrangements that come from your soul and realized my passion had been growing right under my eye.  

I find my inspiration from the whimsical and the wild in nature. Striving to illuminate the essence of the couple and their tender love, I bring out their beauty in every arrangement. 

My soul comes alive looking at the forests and fields, the vines that grow with ease up brick walls, and that colors the come with each season. I find this timeless beauty in nature that I wish to always emulate in my designs.